About Us
Sukar  is  a  company  with  100%  Turkish  capital producing  Installation  and  Insulation  Drains , in Turkey since 1987.
With  the  novelties  it  has  made  since  its  foundation, Sukar  has  followed  the  vision  of  becoming  a brand  that  changes,  evolves  drain  culture  and supplying  world  quality  products  to  the  market. This  is  not  limited  to  Turkey  and  it  has  been  a brand  sought  after  around  the  globe  with  unique novelties  and  high  quality,  especially  in  shower drains  compatible  with  insulation.  We are marketing our drain and drainage systems to all Turkey with our extensive dealer network and to world over about 40 countries mainly Europe, Middle East, America and Africa regions.

SUKAR, is preferred by Turkey’s biggest projects includes roof to ground-garden to roads projects and more places that needs drainage according to SUKAR Products’ features as, compatible with plumbing parts and water insulation, over 1000 pieces of drains and grates with its quality certified production. We offer products to architects, house holders, constructors and companies with international standards and solutions for domestic market at optimum price-benefit point. We offer you new horizons by making your dreamed places real while removing obstacles.

Our Vision
As SUKAR, we aim to be undisputed leader of drain and drainage sector with our products which are innovator, quality and difference maker. 
Our Missions
To continue producing quality, reliable, efficient products and adding value to constructions with employees that sees the habitat as valuable as “Water”.

Our Values
Our values are; going on with the constancies of environment’s and society’s  responsibility, do not harming country and earth that we live on it, to integrate technology’s benefits to sector, to contribute habitat’s designing with experience, labor and with an innovator angle.